My students enjoyed the performance and now have an understanding of movement and dance as a way to communicate.

We are finishing a unit on probability. The students had a lot of background information for that unit because of Dance by Chance.

To be honest, this program went way above my expectations.

I was nervous that some of my students, especially the boys, would not participate, but there was 100% participation and they loved it!

The students were able to make connections between the first workshop activities and how those movements could become a dance presentation.

The artists connected well with the children and their management skills were an area of great strength.

The journals were very effective. They gave the children a wonderful chance to reflect on their experiences. We shared our responses in class and I think the children appreciated the chance to see that they share many of the same feelings and responses to dance as their peers.

I noted that many of the students who are not normally enthusiastic about PE were activated and very interested in the workshop. I also loved the way it challenged the student’s creativity and ability to work together.

The chance element of the performance was very attractive to the children. They liked determining what was next.

In the workshops, students let their guard down, relaxed and focused on the moment and the movement and not their peers around them.

The students‘ level of confidence grew dramatically each day during the week of workshops.

The workshop had everything - problem solving, group work, motor skills, vocabulary building and more. Fantastic!

Sometimes children who struggle with academics are very successful in the area of the arts. Giving the children exposure to something new provides them with another opportunity for success and enjoyment. This program did just that.

Please note: The following student comments are unedited.

I had a great time during the week. The drums were awesome and so was dancing with you.

Thank you so much for coming to our school. You changed my life.

Thank you for all the fun you brought us. I enjoyed your performance and enjoyed even more dancing with you.

I learned to be more flexible and I was able to learn to trust and work with my classmates. The 3 rd graders are excited to see you next year and have tons of learning, fun and partnership with you like we did.

I was really inspired by your performance.

You guys rock! Because you taught me how to dance good.

I‘d definitely recommend this workshop to others because it‘s exciting, energetic and a good time.

Thank you for having me move like I never moved before!

Thank you for getting me to trust the people in my class. I really trust them now. Well, some of them.

Now I know that dance is just moving your body in a rhythmic way. You really brought out the movement in me!

I wish we had more time to do those wonderful activities. Two hours for each workshop would have me contented, but I understand that you are busy.


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