Appropriate for all levels
Designed and geared for target ages

Journals available for multi-workshop residencies.

Fee: $190 per workshop

"I was nervous that some of my students, especially the boys, would not participate, but there was 100% participation and they loved it!"
~ 5th grade teacher

Appropriate for all age levels, the company’s movement workshops are designed to nurture the creative potential of each student. The workshops are taught by two ESDC teaching artists accompanied by a percussionist. Verbal and visual tools are given to assist students in exploring innovative shapes, imaginative ways to move, and collaborative problem solving. Since music is an integral component of our workshop experience, students are introduced to a diverse selection of instruments from around the world. Our workshops not only nurture an appreciation for the art form of dance, but spark the creative imagination of each student, deepen their understanding of rhythms and sounds, and act as a vehicle for students to develop the following life skills: social interaction, successful communication, trust, self-discipline, a strong work ethic, cooperation, and self-esteem.

“This experience made me a whole new person. I feel good about myself.”
~ 3rd grade student

Workshops are 45 minutes to one hour in length and are for groups of 15-25 participants within a similar age range. Creative movement workshops can be tailored to your specific needs and may consist of one or more visits with each participating class. We also offer longer residencies which are designed to incorporate sequential learning. When students have the opportunity to experience multiple workshops in succession learning is further enhanced. Residencies may be offered in conjunction with an ESDC performance or a culminating student performance.

“The workshop had everything – problem solving, group work, motor skills,
vocabulary building and more. Fantastic!”

~ Middle School teacher

For more information, contact
Maggie Ciambrone and Sara Senecal, Education Coordinators
(518) 408-1341

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