Recommended: Elementary level

Supplemental Materials/Activities:
Teacher study guide provided
Question and answer period follows each performance
Workshop programs available both pre- and post-show

Fee: $1,800

Undercover Playground is the newest project of the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company and is a site specific piece that is performed on playgrounds. The work is approximately 15 minutes in length and is performed with live musical accompaniment. Since playgrounds are all different, the work has a strong improvisational quality and varies with every location. For schools, the entire program is approximately 30 minutes in length - a five minute introduction, the performance work and a ten minute Q&A period with the performers. When visiting schools with the program, the company can present the full 30 minute program 3 to 4 times over the course of the day with several classes attending each showing. The size and setting of each individual playground will determine the number of audience members who can attend at any one time. Since the weather is a factor, we will want to work out a secondary date in case Mother Nature isn't cooperating. In addition to the performance programs, the company can come to school in advance of the performances or return to the school after the performances to work with individual classes in movement workshops. Two of the company's dancers will conduct these workshops which will explore basic movement vocabulary, the nature of improvisation and the use of structure in movement work.

For more information, contact:
Maggie Ciambrone and Sara Senecal
Education Coordinators
(518) 408-1341

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