ESDC has been successful at a variety of residencies: both multi-year and multi-school (Cohoes City School District, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District), multi-year (Abram Lansing Elementary, Watervliet High School, Menands Elementary), full year (Brittonkill School District), monthly (Yates Magnet School), weekly (Caroline Street Elementary, Turnpike Elementary) and multi-day (Oneida Middle School, Lansingburgh High School) as well as long-term coordinated programs with other organizations (Saratoga Performing Arts Center, National Museum of Dance, Capital Repertory Theatre, Albany Center Galleries).

We can develop a residency that suits your schedule, budget and needs. It can focus on a single grade level or encompass many classes within your school. It can be a combination of show and participatory activities or simply a sequence of movement workshops that culminates in a performance sharing by the students.

Here are some examples:
Abram Lansing Elementary School in Cohoes hosts ESDC for a year-long residency each year that explores creative movement in conjunction with the school's social studies curriculum. Three third grade classrooms learn about different countries by becoming crops growing by the Nile River (Egypt), moving together as kites in the shape of carp (Japan), transforming into coffee and cocoa beans (Brazil), and moving through fjords (Norway).

Park Terrace Elementary in Gloversville presents ESDC to their entire student body for a Science in Motion performance followed by Story Hour workshops for their Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.

Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook invited ESDC to perform in its auditorium. The company then provided first-time movement workshops to the 7th and 8th grade students within the Phys Ed curriculum.

Lake Avenue Elementary in Saratoga Springs also invited ESDC to perform in its school for the entire student body and then followed up with a week of workshops giving each class in the school a movement experience.

Coxsackie-Athens High School presented ESDC’s From the mind/of a single, long vine/one hundred opening lives in its auditorium for the whole school. Following that, the school’s art teacher helped select students to craft sculptures which they then experimented moving with in workshops conducted by ESDC. The students then created their own performance work using the sculptures and dance.

Watervliet Elementary had Ellen Sinopoli as their guest for three days. During this time, Ellen conducted her Story Hour program for all Kindergarten and first grade classes. Following this, the entire company visited the school for a repertory show that focused on storytelling.

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