Celtic Footprints

Dance and storytelling bring Celtic culture to the stage.

Choreographer Ellen Sinopoli, storyteller and collaborating artist Bairbre McCarthy and ESDC dancers have created a fantastical journey as they weave stories, song and dance to follow the footprints of the Celts from Central Europe to Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and then across the Atlantic to Appalachia. See and hear the Legend of the Swans, the Adventures of Jack (beyond the beanstalk), the Fable of Dagda’s Magical Harp, the hilarious Yarn of How Marika Got Her Story and the Tale of Norouas, The Northwest Wind.

Recommended grades: K-6

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Ellen Sinopoli
Costume Design:
Kim Vanyo and K. Meta Reintsema
The Company
Press Quote:

“Our students gained an appreciation for the Celtic culture, storytelling, and dance. It was excellent for all ages. I would recommend it to any elementary school.” Principal of Red Mill Elementary School, East Greenbush School District