Dance and physics collide in extraordinary ways

Professor Keith Earle of the University at Albany Physics Department and choreographer Ellen Sinopoli focused on a communion of the arts and sciences, studying side by side the principles of physics and modern dance. Equal parts lecture, demonstration, performance and discussion, this program is a result of their efforts and includes Texture of the Whole, a choreographic work for the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company that they collaborated to create and which utilizes more than a dozen laws of physics deeply intertwining the science with the dance.

Recommended grades: 9-12

For booking or more information about this program, please contact ChoreoPhysics coordinator Kim Engel at [email protected]


Ellen Sinopoli and ESDC dancers
Brian Eno
Costume Design:
Kim Vanyo
Press Quote:

“Getting the chance to sit through a college physics lecture AND dance performance is something we’ll probably never get to do again! Thank you for putting all of this together.” – Warrensburg High School Physics teacher