Created in collaboration with dancer Rob Kitsos in 1995, Clusters is one of the oldest pieces still in the company’s active repertory. It is now performed with a video backdrop of black and white photos by artist Thom O’Connor, who was one of Sinopoli’s first collaborators back in 1991. “…the experience was such an indelible one that I knew I wanted to work with him again. When I saw these black and white images by him, I knew that they would be the perfect complement to this dance, adding a new dimension to the work and enveloping the dancers in a stunningly visual environment.” – Ellen Sinopoli

Photographs by Thom O’Connor


1995, The Egg, Albany NY
Ellen Sinopoli and Rob Kitsos
Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
Costume Design:
Designed by K. Meta Reintsema, reconstructed by Kim Vanyo
The Company
Press Quote:

“The dancers appear like rolling fog in “Clusters,” an eerily gorgeous work that has purpose and meaning with this group”. ~ Daily Gazette