From the Mind of a Single Long Vine, One Hundred Opening Lives

Collaboration of dance and visual art that tells the timeless stories of all communities

Inspired by African-influenced wood sculptures created by craftsman Jim Lewis, Ellen Sinopoli’s acclaimed masterwork unites dance and visual arts.  The dance follows a community of people through the universal aspects of childhood, leadership, conflict, death, and healing from within.  Through movement, we encourage students to think about their role in the global community, working together to create a better place.      

Recommended grades: 3-12

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Wood sculpture by Jim Lewis


Ellen Sinopoli
Music: Obo Addy, Ysaye Maria Barnwell, Tom Diakite & Sam Mills & Djanuno Dabo, Ashia Hakil, Habib Koite, Steve Langley & Evelyn Maria Harris, Dingane Lelokoane & the master drummers of Ipelegeng, Muluquen Mellesse, Ali Jihad Racy, Roday Musa Suso, Rokia T
Costume Design:
Kim Vanyo