House of Fables

ESDC commissioned classical Indian tabla player Devesh Chandra to play live for this performance, which invites the questions: How does one choose her life’s pathway?  How do the intertwinings of family drive the decision?  How bold can she be? Please enter the House of Fables.


2015 at The Egg, Albany NY
The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company
Devesh Chandra
Devesh Chandra
Costume Design:
K. Meta Reintsema and Kim Vanyo
The Company
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Press Quote:

“The sensuous flow of movement, gently flavored in places by classical Indian dance, suggested life unfolding over time. Like Chandra’s music, it resisted a conventional arc—speeding up and slowing down, building and relaxing, until it came to an ending that could also have been a beginning. ”
~ Times Union