One of ESDC’s newest works is the result of a second collaboration with visual artist Calvin Grimm. With five of his paintings projected through the dancers’ bodies and onto the stage, the audience begins their journey with Grimm’s “The Sound of Leaves Becoming Soil”. This initial sense of decay and loss ultimately travels to a place of continued life, being and breath. The thematic elements of Golijov’s “Falling Out of Time/ A Tone Poem in Voices” form a mesmerizing coalescence with Grimm’s paintings and take the dancers through a singular journey of discovery within the human experience as well as from nature. Further inspiration for the dance came from Mary Frank’s haunting artwork that appears throughout the album booklet.

Artist: Calvin Grimm
Video: Sofia Kupriyanova
Photography: Gary Gold


May 2023
Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company
Osvaldo Golijov
Falling Out of Time/ A Tone Poem in Voices
Costume Design:
Kim Vanyo
Hannah Albin, Emily Gunter, Emily Relyea-Spivack, Andrè Robles, Sara Senecal, Laura Teeter