The Wells Project

The Wells Project – Meet the collaborating artists ELLEN SINOPOLI, choreographer CAROLINE RAMERSDORFER, sculptor JOHN VAN ALSTINE, sculptor MARIA ZEMANTAUSKI, musician BRIAN MELICK, musician ELLEN SINOPOLI DANCE COMPANY, performers The Wells Project is an ambitious collaboration that expands upon ESDC’s artistic vision as never before. Our concept is to create a site specific multifaceted film that encompasses the choreography of ESDC, the internationally renowned sculpture opus of John Van Alstine and Caroline Ramersdorfer and the exceptional musicianship of guitarist Maria Zemantauski and percussionist Brian Melick. The setting is in Wells, NY at the studios of Van Alstine and Ramersdorfer, formerly the Old Adirondack Lumber Company on the Sacandaga River. The Wells Project will begin production in the fall of 2023.


March 2024
Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company
Brian Melick & Maria Zemantauski
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