ESDC is bringing new and imaginative ideas to its education and outreach programming

Using technology and online experiences, our dancers guide young people into the world of dance, movement and creativity in the most engaging and unexpected ways.  Our education and outreach residencies often include theme based concepts with ESDC performances, creative movement workshops for the children and informal student presentations as a culminating component.   

With most children now at home, learning away from their classrooms can be a challenging experience. How do we, professional artists who have been given the responsibility of opening up the world of movement to young people, succeed in continuing the positive learning process that has been taking place in the classroom but now must happen at home?  What can we create that can step into a child’s home (in a virtual way) that is fun and interactive while still accomplishing the learning goals of each residency?   

ESDC dancers and their Artistic Director, Ellen Sinopoli, are working in collaboration with their education partners to develop an online learning experience for students.  This involves  brainstorming, planning, filming, editing and producing.  For the study of Japan, students become bullet trains and subways moving through space while maintaining pathways and shapes. For the study of Brazil, students become giant anteaters on the forest floor of the rainforest while exploring size, shape and speed.

Of greatest importance, is the engagement and enthusiasm of the students as they are invited to continue their learning about the arts even during this difficult time.